At Msingi Bora we can help you to create the best possible start for your child.



We offer a three year programme, carefully designed so your child develops at a suitable pace. With generous helpings of praise and confidence building methods, we combine work and play to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to prepare your child for entrance into Primary School.

We use thematic methods to develop vocabulary and language across a variety of useful subjects. Each day we organise lots of singing and storytelling to encourage listening and comprehension skills. All this is supported by computer games which introduce your child to new technology while reinforcing reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Our staff (most of whom have been with us over many years) are fully committed to the welfare of the children in their care. We have a combination of well-trained teachers and carers and our own catering staff.


Through creative play and group activities, we help your child to begin developing the social skills needed to succeed in later years. Learning to interact with others, to share and accept structure in combined work and play will inspire confidence and independence in the future.

Children are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities related to sports, music, art and language.


We all understand the importance of healthy eating, especially for children growing up fast through the early years. That’s why we provide a nutritious, well-balanced lunch, freshly cooked on the premises for full day children. We also serve a range of healthy snacks and drinks during mid-morning and afternoon breaks.