One of the charity projects that is closest to our heart is the Tushinde Children’s Trust. The charity works in the Mathare informal settlement, a collection of shanty towns located less than 5 km away from the Nairobi City Centre in an old quarry 2km long and 300m wide. Around 200,000 people live there in one room huts with no sanitation and limited access to running water.

Mathare is home to thousands of vulnerable children, many of whom are neglected or abandoned while their parents look for food or money. With the help of social workers, Tushinde provides support, care and free education, helping families by raising money to sponsor the children and support local schools and projects.

Feeding programme

Msingi Bora helps the charity by supporting the entire feeding programme at Veronica’s Day Care Centre. Here, children can enjoy a nutritious breakfast and healthy lunch six days a week.

Daycare centres are an integral part of Tushinde’s commitment. In Kenya, child support by government does not begin until the age of 6 (under the Free Primary Education programme). In informal settlements like Mathare, poverty levels mean women are often forced to leave their children unattended to go out and look for work. Providing a safe place to play, sleep and eat enables the mothers of these very young children to work and provide for their families.

Msingi Bora’s financial contributions also make it possible for two mothers to earn a living by cooking the meals at the centre.

Thanks to the support we provide through the feeding programme, children that were once sick and dangerously underweight are now beginning to thrive.

For more information about Tushinde please visit: tushinde.org.uk/




Every year, a number of our students take part in the Mater Heart Run Fundraiser, an initiative that supports the Mater Cardiac Programme which identifies and treats children with heart ailments.

To date more than 3,093 children have been treated either by surgery or interventional cardiac catheterization by the Mater Cardiac Program which started over 20 years ago in 1996.

The program has grown from 20 open hearts annually to 200 cases a year majority of who are children whose parents cannot afford the cost of cardiac surgery.

We want to congratulate our children for their outstanding efforts in raising 190,893 Kenyan Shillings for the 2018 fundraiser.